3000 UXers. One purpose. Improve Europe’s QoE.

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More than 3000 UXers help us to benchmark the QoE of Internet providers in Europe

As you get to know MedUX, you may be wondering… how do we actually retrieve fixed broadband User Experience metrics in order to provide Advanced Analytics for telecoms?

Everything is possible thanks to our UXers, people who volunteer to help us benchmarking, network auditing and obtaining Quality of Internet data. That is, our results are determined by samples that have been obtained from our MedUX HOME Devices deployed in customers’ homes.

Nowadays, more than 3000 UXers across 7 countries in Europe (United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) help us benchmarking the fixed broadband Quality of Experience of more than 20 providers. That means, they provide data to improve the quality of Internet in Europe. Plus, you can still be part of the UXer Community!

MedUX is obtaining Customer Experience information from European telecom providers.| Source: MedUX


Do you want to know how to become a UXer?

We select our UXers based on certain criteria, such as the Internet provider, the type of connection and the speed contracted at home, which are the standards needed to build our sampling universe. Thus, we obtain a global view of the Quality of Service by testing the services you use the most: Download a Dropbox file, run a speed test or browse some predefined webpages.

Now you will be wondering, what about your privacy? The privacy is guaranteed, our devices cannot access your personal data. MedUX HOME is a device that simulates the user’s behaviour while browsing the Internet for testing Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

In order to do so, we run simple tests such as web browsing, to check web loading time; speed tests, to compare the speed received to the subscribed; or YouTube tests, to check the video’s loading time. We can never see what our UXers are doing on their network when surfing the Internet. We are 100% GDPR Compliant – we take that very seriously!

Dashboard that shows the results of the tests MedUX HOME device performs. This ranking allows all Telecom operators to compare themselves against their competitors. | Source: MedUX

The tests are also carefully calibrated to run when there is low network usage, so we guarantee that the MedUX HOME device does not use your precious bandwidth when you need it the most.

Last, MedUX HOME set up is very simple, just Plug and Play! You only need to plug it in a power supply and also to your router. Then, aggregated data coming from dozens of KPIs will offer us a clear picture of the service performance, so we can best draw conclusions that will allow telecom providers improve the Quality of Service offered to their clients.

Our MedUX HOME Device, which is freely delivered to UXers homes ready to set up.| Source: MedUX

In fact, thanks to MedUX, companies can foresee results of the behavior that their networks will have in the future, and tackle their experience problems in advance. In the end, we help Telcos and providers to guarantee a better Internet for their users.

That’s why we are glad to have you in our UXer Community and we’d love to welcome the new ones in the future! You can find more information about the profiles we are looking for in our UXers website. Also, take a look at our FAQs here!


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