About Medux

MedUX is a Spanish multinational company that specializes in the measurement, monitoring and improvement of the user experience and quality of telecommunications, fixed, mobile and television networks. Founded in 2014, the company has a presence in more than 20 countries, mainly in Europe and Latin America but also in Africa and the Middle East. In addition, it has a team of approximately 50 people at its headquarters in Madrid (Spain) and offices in Miami (USA), Bogotá (CO), Mexico City (MEX), San José (CR) and Zaragoza (Spain). MedUX’s innovative technology makes it possible to offer operators, regulators and companies from other sectors independent quality statistics and real-time experience.

MedUX has proprietary technology, both hardware and software, which has been recognized with several patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its fixed, mobile and television measurement robots and its proprietary speed test. MedUX already has methodologies and equipment ready to measure the latest technologies, specifically FTTH and Wi-Fi 6 in the field of fixed networks and 5G in mobile networks. Today, the company monitors and compares the services and user experience of more than 60 operators around the world, and its clients include large national and international telecommunications groups, such as Vodafone, Orange, Telefónica, Millicom, AméricaM vil/Claro and AT&T, and government entities, including Mineco (Spain), SUTEL (Costa Rica), TRA (UAE), SIGET (El Salvador) and CRC (Colombia). MedUX is always working to improve the user’s quality of service and quality of experience, especially at a time when telecommunications and network performance are more important than ever. Get in touch with us at hello@medux.com if you need further information or request our demo to find out how you can gain end-to-end network visibility and real-time insights and performance statistics, to anticipate and address network issues.

Luis Molina

+15 years Telecommunications strategy and consultancy

Luis' aim for MedUX is to become a world reference for QoE measurement and prediction. Telecommunications Engineer with a special devotion for UX metrics and digital innovative solutions, Luis has global experience in the telecommunications sector.
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María Soláns

+15 years telco consultancy

Project’s promoter since the earliest days, María started in MedUX as responsible for Operations area. Since 2018, she leads and manages the product strategy. Engineer with broad experience in network deployment and optimization, managing telecommunications projects.
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Rafael González

Marketing and Customer Success
+15 years in Telecoms and Management Consulting

International background in Strategy and Business Development, Sales and Marketing focused on TMT. In 2019 started his journey in MedUX as Head of Marketing and Consulting, always listening to customers needs to enable new business opportunities.
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Alfonso Araujo

+15 years telco operators and Vendors

With broad international experience, mainly in Latam, for Technological and Telecom companies, Alfonso joined MedUX in 2018 as head of the local Operations team in Mexico. In 2019, he took up the challenge of leading MedUX operations department globally.
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Eduardo Gímenez

+15 years Product Development

Project’s promoter since the earliest times, when he joined MedUX as full-stack developer. In 2018, Eduardo started leading the technical and development team. Software engineer, he has +15 years of experience in project development and programming.
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Jorge Aguilar

+20 years telco customer experience

Strong international experience in the Telco market, combining technical and business development skills, Jorge is a reference in the QoE sector. He joined MedUX to lead the Global Sales area and provide valuable solutions for customer satisfaction.
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Hermenegildo Simón

Finance and Administration
20 years telco finance and operations

With near 20 years of experience in the Telecom Industry working in finance and operational areas at a national and international level. He started in MedUX in 2019 to provide an analytical view and to launch innovative business ventures.
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