About MedUX Co-funders

Investors that add value

MedUX obtained financial backing and investment from the big tech companies opting for MedUX service monitoring and QoE, guaranteeing business viability and a future full of opportunity.


Business Telecommunications Services is a leader in the commercialization of telecommunications services with over 25 years of industry experience. With a network that currently manages over 8 billion minutes.


Nae works with telecoms operators, large corporations and public administrations to predict rates of growth and market transformation, improving business strategy and operating efficiency. Founded in 2004 and currently with headquarters in Spain, Columbia, Mexico and Costa Rica.


Inveready Capital Company is a consultancy specializing in business finance for technology based companies, and since its creation in 2007 has provided over €100M in finance for its clients. It has offices in Barcelona and Madrid


SONAE IM is a company with experts, strategists, and investors from around the globe looking for world-class tech-based companies focused on retail and telecommunications. Their objective is to help companies grow a sustainable future.

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