Africa’s Telco customer transformation

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Africa’s telco customer transformation. Consumer of Voice to Consumer of Data

Africa has traditionally been a market driven by the voice services consumption and telcos used to perform this business model until the rise of the data usage promoted by new OTT services. Now the African client is transforming from consumer of Voice to consumer of Data.

Though this is a trend that now is consolidated, it was one of the main concerns expressed in the ITU Workshop on Performance, QoS and QoE held in Dakar past 19th March.

This transformation scenario is accelerating the demise of the traditional voice market. The emergent OTT market led by the likes of Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook or Twitter is fostering a higher data consumption per user. In addition, Voice revenues have been dropping significantly and consistently during the last decade.

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) contemplates a steady increase in the Mobile-Cellular telephone subscriptions. In 2005, 87 million Africans had access to this technology while this numbers have reached 759 million in 2017. The number of individuals using internet has also increased. More than 40% of Africa’s population has now access to the internet while 10 years ago the population accessing the network was slightly below 10%.

Source: ITU. Measuring the Information Society Report 2017


The report by Ericsson shows the steady increase in Data traffic from 2010 onwards while Voice traffic remained still, which evidences the ongoing transformation in the telecom sector.


Source: Ericsson via Akamai.

The main problem arising from this transformation is the need to efficiently monitor the quality of service offered by telecom companies. In Africa, where most telecom companies report both tight budgets and a definitely low ARPU, the challenge is to find a cost-effective and reliable solution to monitor the QoE of their customers. Classic CEM solutions from traditional vendors bear a price tag that is absolutely unsurmountable for the African market, plus long deployment timelines and time to market.

MedUX was created with the aim of helping telecom operators improve their services. Our MedUX ecosystem is a cost-effective alternative to the classic, expensive and cumbersome CEM solutions. MedUX can help African telcos to monitor their data and voice services in real-time to provide a better quality of experience to the growing market accessing Internet from their mobile devices.

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