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7 reasons why you should become an UXer

· Author: MedUX

7 reasons to become an UXer If you are still wondering “What does being an UXer mean?” the answer is


MedUX anticipates again the outage of social networks

· Author: MedUX

MedUX anticipates the second Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp massive outage in Europe and US The Spanish tech company, which measures

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Gaming Service Interruption Analysis

Author: Juan Luis Romero

League of Legends servers recover after service interruption during TFT release Riot Games, the developer of one of the most


Service disruption analysis

Author: MedUX

Service disruption in Vodafone partially affected networks in the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal and Ireland MedUX analyses Vodafone fixed network


The Power of Predictive Analytics

Author: MedUX

The Power of Predictive Analytics: Predictive Analytics in the Telecom Industry We are living in a world of real-time predictions, in

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