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Empowering Customer Experiences with MedUX at MWC23

Published on February 3, 2023

Universal QoE Solutions Built for the Digital Era

Join in the Quality of Experience (QoE) Revolution at MWC23 with MedUX- Scalable, Customer-centric and Cost-Effective testing and monitoring Solutions Trusted by Top Brands worldwide. Experience the difference in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress or at our Regulatory Forum (by invitation only) 

In a fast-changing innovation landscape, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the place to keep pace and turn radical disruption into radical growth. Stay Ahead at MWC23 with MedUX at the world’s largest and most influential event for the connectivity industry, by leveraging our new on-the-field QoE solutions with 5G data collection Robots, Multi-platform Agents and SDKs, and our new use cases on 5G, grand scale monitoring, advanced analytics and regulatory compliance.

Do not miss our unique and universal QoE ecosystem!

We have built a leading one-stop shop for QoS and QoE testing and monitoring solutions. MedUX has become the first vendor in integrating robots (active probing) and agents with own full-stack of technology (HW, SW, Infrastructure, Analytics) to feature affordable and customer-centric use cases. Although there are interesting discussions about whether crowdsourcing, embedded software agents, probes and drive tests are best suited to satisfy performance testing needs, we believe that by intelligently blending  all those solutions we can deliver unbeatable benefits to the industry.

Book a meeting with our experts at MWC to discover our QoE Revolution

Our company, MedUX, has been part of Mobile World Congress since our beginnings. This event has always provided us with enormously rewarding experiences, valuable insights and interest from industry professionals.

After our presence and showcasing our solutions at, MWC2022 In las Vegas! we're eager to return to Barcelona to reveal our latest innovations in Quality of Experience, leading the way in the digital era! 

MedUX will be present from February 27th to March 2nd as part of the Spain Pavilion (Hall 4 Stands 4B40-4C30, see further details below). Our team will showcase how operators, service providers and OTT players can leverage real-time customer-centric QoE data and Advanced Analytics to empower network performance and enhance customer experience.   


Participate in our Regulatory Forum: “Shaping the new regulatory context for QoS and QoE in the 5G Era and beyond”

Attention Regulators and Public Policy professionals and supervisors! Join us at our first Regulatory Forum to learn about the latest advancements in quality and network performance. Get insights on how you can enhance your regulatory processes and help ensure optimal Quality of Experience for customers. Internet Service Providers' Regulatory Heads, don't miss out on this opportunity! 

We are organizing an open discussion for everyone to exchange best practices and lessons learned. Stakeholders will be welcome to share views about the new regulatory context and practices for QoS and QoE. It will take place in the unique Macaya Palace, a wonderful modernist building constructed between 1898 and 1901. Please contact us at hello@medux.com to reserve a seat if possible (by invitation only) and share the MedUX experience.

First 5G Quality of Experience benchmark in Europe

MedUX will present and discuss the results from the  first 5G Quality of Experience benchmark in Europa. Are you ready to discover and learn which city and operator have the best 5G network and service? Operators face the challenge of delivering top-notch Quality of Experience while maximizing investment in their 5G and FTTx network deployments. They must ensure their network stays ahead with the right priorities. Some of the cost-effective use cases we cover with our brand new 5G data collection robots include competitive benchmarking, network intelligence and basic troubleshooting. 

Our comprehensive suite of QoE solutions offer real-time customer-perspective data and value-added statistics. We make it easy for our customers to gain competitive intelligence, optimize their networks and achieve regulatory compliance. Benefits of primary importance in a rapidly changing 5G environment.

Unique Multi-Platform QoE agent suite

We will also showcase our multi-platform agent ecosystem for all terminal equipment types. This includes smartphones, tablets, PCs and routers, and any operating system such as Android, iOS, Harmony, Windows, Mac and Linux. Our MedUX SDKs allow providers (or any third party) to easily integrate our QoS and QoE testing capabilities into their mobile applications with a fully customizable user interface. Our stand-alone and crowdsourcing applications complement our QoE suite, making our multi-platform agent suite the most comprehensive ecosystem for measuring network and service performance and providing network experience diagnostics.

Advanced Analytics making MedUX a true end to end QoE expert

In addition to this, thanks to advanced use case-driven analytics and AI applied to QoS/QoE data, MedUX is already providing grand scale service and performance monitoring in real-time. We offer true end-to-end visibility into network and service performance issues and make it universally accessible and affordable for all. We help Telecom Operator teams to gain the ability to identify, diagnose and predict issues/degradations before they affect the end customer.

Discover our full range of QoE solutions to elevate customer experiences and network performance

As part of our demos and presentations, we will also present new use cases such as regulatory compliance or multiplatform monitoring for both telecom operators and regulatory entities. We gather a wide range of indicators and statistics under precise and controlled conditions, in order to gain network performance visibility and insights from a customer perspective. 

Come and learn how MedUX is helping service providers and governmental entities define the technology, use cases and measurements needed to be at the forefront of customer satisfaction and network performance. MedUX is dedicated to empowering customer experiences in the digital era with its cost-effective, full-range, and easy-to-use QoE testing and monitoring solutions. 

Our experts will be glad to discuss with you any technical or business challenge to improve service quality and performance. We will be located in Hall 4, Stand W23 in pavilion 4B40, part of the Spain Pavilion. 


Do not miss the opportunity to discuss about how our multi-platform, affordable and customer centric QoE suite can help with your challenges!

 Save the date, and do not hesitate to send us an email at hello@medux.com if you want to set up a meeting or request an onsite demo with the MedUX team: Luis Molina Borao (Founder and CEO), Jorge Aguilar (VP Global Sales), Rafael González (CMO) or any other member of our Marketing and Sales team.

We look forward to welcoming you! See you there!



About us 

MedUX is the leading Quality of Experience (QoE) company, providing comprehensive and innovative solutions for measuring the performance of fixed, mobile, and TV telecommunications networks for telecom operators, governments, and digital enterprises. With a focus on delivering grand scale, end-to-end network and service visibility, MedUX leverages real-time customer perspective data and advanced analytics to ensure quality and regulatory compliance, while also offering valuable insights for optimizing networks and improving customer experiences. With a presence in over 25 countries across Europe, America, Africa, and the Middle East, and monitoring over 60 operators worldwide, MedUX's patented technology and expertise make it a trusted partner for improving the digital experiences of customers everywhere.  

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