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KPI6 and MedUX announce a strategic partnership

Published on July 13, 2020

Customer Intelligence and Customer Experience technology providers, KPI6 and MedUX, team up to develop a common solution, ensuring 360° visibility to understand customers and improve network performance and experience. KPI6 and MedUX have entered a new strategic alliance to help Internet Service Providers improve decision making, reduce operating costs and increase revenues by working on what is really important for customer satisfaction and by fine-tuning the geographic and demographic targets with the right communication. More specifically, the two companies will be developing together an observatory to help internet providers deliver best-in-class marketing messages and Customer Experience while understanding the customers’ reality, satisfaction, needs, pain points and service quality (QoS/QoE) of all players in the market. The solution is about to be adopted by two top Telco Operators in Italy, and the teams of KPI6 and MedUX are already planning to export the model in other countries. These contracts will mark the first step in an ambitious project to support the transformation and improvement of strategic decisions, corporate operating efficiency and customer's experience, resulting in data driven and innovative services for global Telco Operators. MedUX and KPI6 will also collaborate on joint customer deployments and cooperate on future technology roadmaps and Research and Development (R&D) efforts for the Telco industry. The companies expect their work to be complete and available in the coming weeks. MedUX and KPI6 are working with some operators in Europe and America to launch the joint product because of the increasing interest in these solutions, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. The combination of MedUX’s network and service performance statistics and KPI6’s social and web data will enable a dynamic, real time and versatile eco-system providing actionable insights to understand customers and improve network performance and experience. Data analytics and machine learning (ML) techniques are used to identify levers to improve customer acquisition and upselling and reduce customer churn, among other use cases. MedUX is a leading Customer Experience measurement and monitoring firm in the Telco industry, monitoring the network performance and Quality of Service in markets that collectively serve over 600 million users worldwide for Top Telecom Operators such as America Movil, Vodafone, Millicom and AT&T. 

 MedUX CEO Luis Molina spoke of strategic partnership with KPI6: “Partners are instrumental since nobody has all the skills to face all the innovation challenges and satisfy all the client needs on their own. We are honoured to receive, together with KPI6, this award from Fastweb. We believe that it will help us strengthen our collaboration and develop more innovative solutions in a major way. We are convinced that in the new future, solutions and products, such as the one we develop with KPI6, will be key assets to improve corporate operating efficiency and customer experience.” MedUX: Improving Customer Experience in the 5G Era       KPI6 is the all-in-one Digital Consumer Intelligence platform and a new way of running market research, using the largest panel in the world. KPI6’s platform provides a 360° view on what’s going on in the market using the most powerful suite for social and web intelligence. KPI6 has been trusted by great companies such as Sky Italia, Deloitte, PwC, Coca-Cola and P&G. 

 Alberto Nasciuti, KPI6 CEO, commented: “We were born to create the best market research tool in the world, and MedUX is a precious ally on the road towards this goal. We want to be holistic in our approach to data, so that our customers can find everything they might need to know in one single place. The experience with MedUX is particularly important because, for the first time, we have been able to create a vertical product, designed for a specific industry. And this new approach offers a terrific potential: the opportunity for a real-time monitoring of what your customers are effectively experiencing and thinking, all in one place. A company could use this information stream to improve itself so fast that no competitor would ever be able to match its pace.” KPI6: Improving your knowledge to drive new results   

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