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Let's keep improving the Quality of Experience together in 2023!

Published on December 27, 2022

MedUX says goodbye to an excellent year full of great challenges that the company has been overcoming, and above all full of new opportunities to become the reference company for the measurement, monitoring and improvement of the user experience and the quality of telecommunications networks and services. 

MedUX started 2022 facing new challenges and with new and ambitious goals thanks to a new investment round led by BTS Group and accompanied by Inveready and new strategic partners, including a group of Family Offices and investors with relevant positions in other companies in the sector. The company has relied on the resources obtained in this round to open new markets and accelerate its international growth, developing new business areas and new products and use cases, especially related to ultra-fast speed networks such as 5G, Wi-Fi6 or FTTx. With a view to expansion, MedUX signed former Euskaltel CEO Francisco Arteche as an advisor and new member of the board of directors. 

Throughout this year, we have strengthened ties with our customers, helping them to improve the experience and satisfaction of end users. MedUX already monitors and compares the user experience and quality of service of more than 60 operators in 20 countries, and counts among its clients large telecommunications groups such as Vodafone, Orange, Telefónica, Millicom, América Móvil and AT&T, as well as government entities in Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Costa Rica, Colombia and El Salvador. 

Medux has been applying the recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union in multiple areas, and now our experts will actively cooperate with the ITU in the design, definition and revision of guidelines related among others to network performance and quality of service monitoring. Since this year Medux is an associate member. 

In addition to this, we have started new relationships with customers who are joining the MedUX family. Winning the Chilean tender to implement the Independent Technical Body (ITB) for Internet speed measurement has been a challenge that we know will set a trend in the quality requirements of telecommunications services in the region.

The Representative Committee of Internet access service providers (Chile Telcos) and the Undersecretary of Telecommunications (SUBTEL), awarded Medux the implementation and administration of a measurement system in the country to monitor the obligation to guarantee an average speed of Internet access received by users. If the service does not comply with the offer, end users will be able to file the corresponding claim. 

It is also a pleasure for us to have been awarded one of our most important projects this year in Colombia, becoming the reference entity for the measurement of mobile data quality indicators through crowdsourcing (SDK agent). To measure the speed of the internet on cell phones, users will be able to install a tool on their devices by the mobile network operators. From April 1, 2023, Resolution CRC 6890 of 2022 will come into force, which will be when the application will be available for Colombians to make the measurement. 

On another positive note, after a long time enduring the adversities left by the pandemic, the MedUX communications and business development team has been present at the most important events and congresses of interest to the sector to show operators, service providers and OTT players how they can take advantage of QoE Analytics to improve business performance. 

MedUX has participated in technology events such as the Mobile World Congress in Las Vegas and the International Telecommunications Union (TRC) forum in Jordan, which gave us great opportunities to learn from other companies in the industry and share our knowledge with global communication experts. 

It was an honor to return again to these great events. We are already planning many more for 2023. 

To close a successful year, MedUX has launched an ambitious project measuring network connectivity in Europe's largest cities. This first comparative analysis will be the first 5G quality of experience (QoE) benchmark on the continent. 

We will measure the network performance, quality of service and QoE of 24 operators in eight cities in six countries: Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. We want to continue to improve the quality of experience in Europe. 

In 2022, MedUX has gone a step further in measurement and analysis with advanced indicators and insights to facilitate decision making and improve the telecom business. In addition to the information collected, MedUX offers consulting services to support business strategies, from telecom operators and Internet and OTT service providers to governments. Throughout the year, our team has provided valuable operational and strategic insights.

 In closing, we would like to thank our clients, investors, partners, our community of UXers and the MedUX team for all the support throughout the year - we look forward to seizing new opportunities and continuing to improve the quality of experience together in 2023!

Happy New Year, wishes you the MedUX Team!


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