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MedUX Year in review: Quality of Experience Everywhere!

Published on January 2, 2024

Delivering Multi-platform QoE solutions for telecom operators, regulators and enterprises to test, benchmark and monitor next generation networks

With enthusiasm, MedUX bids farewell to a year full of overcoming challenges and significant transformations, solidifying its position as a leading multinational in the field of Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) testing and monitoring.

The year 2023 has been truly remarkable. We embarked on the QoE Revolution, emphasizing the vital role of Quality of Experience Everywhere in keeping our society connected and transforming our lives. Indeed, MedUX has become the first convergent vendor to integrate robots (active probing) and multi-platform agents with our own full stack of technology (HW, SW, Infrastructure, Analytics) featuring affordable and customer-centric use cases for fixed and mobile networks.

January marked the beginning of major projects and the tackling of new challenges and ambitious goals, especially in strategic markets such as Chile and Colombia. The Chilean project to implement the Independent Technical Body (ITB) for Internet speed measurement will set a new trend in quality and regulatory compliance in the region. The measurement ecosystem combines over 500 fixed and mobile testing robots for a controlled and continuous quality monitoring, with a multi-platform application for end-user speed testing from any type of terminal and operating system. The Colombian project to deploy a massive crowdsourcing system for the measurement of mobile data quality indicators is breaking new ground in empowering the end-user and collecting QoS information from ISPs’ customer care applications.

In February, we participated once again in the Mobile World Congress. MedUX had its strongest presence ever at MWC in Barcelona to discuss the latest advancements in QoS and QoE testing and monitoring solutions. In one way or another, we demonstrated that our multi-platform QoE intelligently blending crowdsourcing, embedded agents, probes and drive tests, can deliver unbeatable benefits to the industry.

We also released the first 5G QoE Benchmark report “All 5G networks are not created equal: Unveiling the TRUE QoE of 5G in Europe”. We were very happy to have the Portuguese Government and the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), the Portuguese regulator receive the Best QoE Award for Lisbon.

It has been one of the most recognized reports, attracting a great deal of attention from the press, analysts, telecommunication operators, government regulators, and industry policymakers. Not only did important media outlets echo our report, such as the Jornal de Negocios or O Jornal Económico, but also raised great interest among major operators in Europe (see snapshot below from MEO’s website).

Meo portugal

In March, MedUX won the MEFFYS Award for Global Connectivity together with our strategic investor and partner BTS Group. The MEFFYS awards, hosted by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), recognize companies that have made a significant difference in the mobile ecosystem. We are proud to have been among those celebrated at this event with BTS.

In June, after achieving excellent results in 2022, MedUX raised €4.1 million in a new financial investment round led by our main partners BTS Group and Inveready, along with a group of family businesses and investors with significant positions in other TMT sector companies. The funds obtained in this round supported the opening of new markets, accelerating our international growth, enabling us to elevate our standout projects in Latin America and offer an even more comprehensive portfolio of QoE monitoring and testing solutions through our QoE Everywhere suite. 

In July we renovated and improved our website, value proposition and identity, emphasizing the importance of our innovation strategy and product growth. This aligned with a significant transformation throughout the organization. Furthermore, we launched MedUX Episodes exploring the biggest topics surrounding QoE and internet performance today and how Telco stakeholders are embracing the latest innovations to improve customer satisfaction. 

In September, we participated in the ITU Workshop on “Trends on Quality of Service and Connectivity Assessment and Evaluation from the user's perspective”. We introduced Maslow's Pyramid applied to Telecoms and the concept of "Meaningful quality (of experience)" to achieve societal development, while closing the digital divide. Multi-stakeholder discussions about universal and meaningful connectivity could be incomplete without ensuring that end-users have resilient, reliable, and fast services, delivering an enriching, satisfying, and productive digital experience. MedUX is committed to going beyond and enabling policy and regulatory environments to expand the meaningful Internet access concept.

And throughout this year, we also met with policymakers, regulators, and industry leaders to make the case for a robust quality framework in the telecommunication industry. Most importantly, we strengthened bonds with our clients, helping them improve the experience and satisfaction of end users. MedUX now monitors and compares the user experience and service quality of over 60 operators in 25 countries, including major telecommunications groups such as Vodafone, Orange, Telefónica, Millicom, Altice, América Móvil, and AT&T, among others, as well as government entities in Spain, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, and El Salvador.

All in all, it has been a remarkable year for MedUX. Consider that in today’s fast-paced digital ecosystem, customer experience is the key differentiator. At MedUX, we firmly believe that QoE is the driving force behind success in this environment. 

The year-end not only marks a moment of reflection but also anticipation for what is yet to come. MedUX is committed to excellence in the Quality of Experience and is ready to continue leading the revolution in digital connectivity. We thank our clients, investors, partners, and the entire MedUX team for their continuous support throughout this year. We look forward with enthusiasm to the new opportunities and challenges that 2024 will bring!

Join us in the revolution where customer experience takes center stage in the digital world. QoE Everywhere in the Digital Era!

Happy New Year, and the best wishes for a successful and prosperous 2024 from the MedUX Team!

Holiday MedUX Team

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