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Let’s keep improving QoE for 2020!

Author: MedUX

Let’s keep improving the Quality of Experience together in 2020! MedUX says goodbye to an interesting year full of new

Smart MPS

Ultra-Fast Broadband. What for?

Author: MedUX

Ultra-Fast Broadband. What for? Web video streaming, OTT video -Netflix- and gaming: Top online services requiring ultra-fast broadband The average

Smart Wi-Fi Smart Wi-Fi

Smart Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi Performance at Home

Author: Alejandro Gandara

SMART WI-Fi: WI-FI PERFORMANCE II How has Wi-Fi performance at home evolved? This article belongs to a monographic series about


MedUX attends MWC 19 in Los Angeles

Author: MedUX

MedUX attends MWC 19 in Los Angeles, taking real-time QoE information across the globe The arrival of 5G, Artificial Intelligence

Smart Wi-Fi Smart Wi-Fi

Smart Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi Performance

Author: Alejandro Gandara

SMART WI-FI: WI-FI PERFORMANCE I Do you know how is the real speed connection of a Wi-Fi network? This article


Telecom market evolution in Colombia

Author: MedUX

Telecommunications service consumption habits in Colombia are increasingly digital and interactive Market evolution in the telecommunications sector in Colombia has

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