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Who leads the way in 5G Quality of Experience (QoE) in Europe?

Published on May 30, 2023
Who leads the way in 5G Quality of Experience (QoE) in Europe?

Join the QoE Revolution in 5G and discover the results of our unique benchmark. Have you ever wondered which European city has the best 5G networks and services, and most importantly WHY?.

Operators face the challenges of delivering top-notch experiences and of ensuring end-user satisfaction, while maximizing returns on investment in their network deployments. 

To help the telecoms industry find out the true QoE of 5G networks in Europe, MedUX launches this second benchmarking study during end of Q2 2023. The study measures 5G performance and quality of experience in major European cities. 

In this second comparative analysis, we have included a new country, Romania, and three additional cities: Bucharest (Romania), Porto (Portugal), and Munich (Germany). As in the first edition, it also includes London (United Kingdom), Berlin (Germany), Paris (France), Lisbon (Portugal), Rome and Milan (Italy), and Madrid and Barcelona (Spain). 

Here our previous 5G QoE Benchmark in Europe

We will measure network performance, service quality, and QoE of more than twenty telecom operators in eleven cities across seven countries.   


Europe QoE


Why Quality of Service (QoS) is the past, join the QoE Revolution: A glimpse into true 5G visibility

 Telecom operators around the world have been in a race to offer the fastest, most reliable, and most extensive 5G coverage. However, not all 5G networks are created equal, and customers may not be receiving the quality of experience they expect. 

It's no secret that expectations in the telecommunications sector regarding 5G are high. The additional functionality offered by 5G SA is crucial to fulfill the promise of advanced connectivity. However, 5G NSA deployments already present significant improvements compared to 4G (as demonstrated in one of our previous articles: " https://medux.com/5g-report-vf-performance-faster-than-4g-in-spain/ "

Understanding the QoS and QoE provided by new deployments is critical as there are factors within (or beyond) the control of telecommunications operators to deliver the best experience for end users. For this reason, our clients appreciate the intervention of an external and independent agent like MedUX to assess end-to-end quality.

Telecom operators and governments alike use our solutions as a management and a supervision ecosystem to understand the progress of 5G deployments. However, they may also use our solutions as a positioning or marketing tool to improve customer’s perception and trust in network operators. 

In our previous edition, Lisbon showed excellent 5G performance and experience compared to other European cities. We were very happy to have the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), the Portuguese regulator receiving the Best QoE Award for Lisbon

Not only important media outlets echoed our report, such as the Jornal de Negocios or O Jornal Económico , but also raised great interest among major operators in Europe (see snapshot below from MEO’s website). We believe that this second edition will be even more successful.



MedUX, as the leading internet QoE testing and monitoring company in fixed and mobile networks, can help substantiate and analyze the network and service performance of any network from the customer perspective with real services and applications, the true QoE KPIs. 

Our 5G QoE benchmark is an invaluable tool for telecommunications operators, internet service providers, and regulatory authorities as they work to optimize 5G network performance and deliver the best possible customer experiences. With our help, telecommunication operators can stay ahead of the competition and meet the growing demands of consumers for faster, more reliable, and more seamless connectivity.

What should you measure? Speed matters, but a consistent experience across services and applications is king

MedUX’s 5G QoE benchmark offers a unique, customer-centric perspective on 5G network performance, enabling operators and regulators to better understand the factors that impact QoE, including basic network performance stuff such as latency, download and upload speeds, network coverage, and signal quality, but also advanced end-user perception insights such as web browsing, social networks, gaming or streaming experiences.



Over the next few weeks, we will gather comprehensive information on network performance and services using our mobile measurement technology, MedUX MOBILE, which includes over 200 performance indicators and metrics (KPIs). 

In real time, our clients can access real user experience data. Our worry-free experience includes plug-and-play autonomous technology, eliminating the need for expert professionals to operate it. 

Our team of experienced engineers and data scientists has worked tirelessly to develop 5G-ready measurement robots and a rigorous and comprehensive methodology for testing and benchmarking 5G networks across Europe.

Our 5G QoE benchmarks can cover a wide range of scenarios and use cases, including urban, suburban, and rural areas, indoor and outdoor locations, and popular applications such as video streaming, gaming, and web browsing thanks to our grand-scale deployment capability. This allows our clients to gain a holistic understanding of 5G performance and identify areas for improvement. 

In this second 5G QoE benchmark edition, we will use our QoE Score to evaluate the results obtained from our on-the-field measurements, based on international best practices, to compare and rank operators performance. This synthetic indicator aggregates a wide set of metrics into a single score, allowing for national and international comparison and in-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses. 

We will conduct the same 5G quality of experience tests as in our previous successful campaign, including additional OTT insights from most used applications, such as Whatsapp. 


What can you expect from this measurement campaign?

Speed is not everything and the industry is trying to adapt to meet the needs of customers when using real services. Typical end-users do not necessarily benefit much from download speeds of multiple 100Mbps (not yet). End-users just use a small percentage of those headline speeds when web browsing, streaming and any other internet regular activities. 

Indeed, some experience categories such as Reliability (how consistent a network performs) or CDN performance (how your contents are served) are way more relevant in the 5G Era than just performing a throughput and ping test against (optimized) test servers to infer the customer experience. As a result of our 5G QoE measurement campaign, you will get:

  1. Mobile Experience Awards for best-performing European Cities (city-level analysis) and Operators (operator-level analysis)
  2. Insights on 5G deployments and network availability to understand 5G performance versus availability trade-off
  3. Real-field 5G measurements, performance metrics and TRUE QoE KPIs for 11 major cities in Europe
  4. Performance on 5G reliability, accessibility, time-to-content and value for speed, across regular end-user activities, like web browsing, using social networks, gaming etc

We conduct real-world measurements using enterprise-grade smartphones. The geographical coverage has been expanded to encompass an area of over 4000 km². Through meticulous calculations and reliable network tests covering metropolitan areas, we ensure that our analysis is truly representative of end-users experience. 

Our vehicles equipped with mobile devices follow predefined routes, covering key areas of each city and providing accurate and representative data.   


With the launch of this innovative benchmark, MedUX once again demonstrates its commitment to helping its clients deliver the best possible experiences. 

MedUX's mission and commitment are to work hand in hand with our clients in the planning, deployment, monitoring, optimization, and benchmarking of 5G networks, based on our differential approach that allows for large-scale measurement deployments and real end-to-end testing. This is crucial when monitoring a technology that promises differential experiences in terms of connectivity, speed, latency, and new services. 

To learn more about our 5G QoE benchmark, our 5G use cases on competitive intelligence, pre-deployment analysis, and troubleshooting, and how it can benefit your business, please visit our website or contact us directly at hello@medux.com.  



About us MedUX is the leading Quality of Experience (QoE) company, providing comprehensive and innovative solutions for measuring the performance of fixed, mobile, and TV telecommunications networks for telecom operators, governments, and digital enterprises. With a focus on delivering grand scale, end-to-end network, and service visibility, MedUX leverages real-time customer perspective data and advanced analytics to ensure quality and regulatory compliance, while also offering valuable insights for optimizing networks and improving customer experiences. With a presence in over 25 countries across Europe, America, Africa, and the Middle East, and monitoring over 60 operators worldwide, MedUX’s patented technology and expertise make it a trusted partner for improving the digital experiences of customers everywhere.   



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