IoT, AI, and Big Data Towards Digital Transformation

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IoT, AI, and Big Data: Key drivers of Digital Transformation

The integration of new technologies into business models has been one of the main drivers for companies to be successful, innovative and to achieve competitive advantage. Digital transformation, defined as the integration of new technologies in any process or activity of an organization, leverages optimization and adds value across the company. In a competitive and technological landscape, data collection and analysis are essential and mean new opportunities and alignments for companies.

Digital transformation is driven by three major innovations -IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Big Data analysis- which would enable complete digitalization of business processes, unparalleled operational efficiency, and a disruptive business model approach.

It is a fact that, without relevant data for decision making, telecom companies will quickly become out-of-the-way and will soon be outdated. In particular, it is predicted to enable the following breakthroughs:

  • Promote innovation and internal communication throughout the company.
  • Improve the efficiency across the business ecosystem.
  • Offer new business opportunities and fast response to dynamic environments.
  • Boost customer experience and services.

Furthermore, integrating digital transformation processes into business areas involves more personalized products and services for customers. However, having access to all this data is not enough. At MedUX we state that raw data, on its own, won’t generate any added value.

Companies need to build data capabilities through artificial intelligence and machine learning to help transform data effectively, so they can deliver good customer experiences. Therefore, the analysis of this collected data is what will drive business growth.

The alliance of IoT, Big Data analysis and AI encourage organizations to make informed decisions and become nimbler when reacting to market trends and customer behaviors. Moreover, these key drivers allow the gather up, understanding and recognition of patterns from collected data. With these high volumes of data and its analysis, companies could learn from their customers’ past behaviors, interests and problems and act accordingly.

In the data-driven world where companies are immersed, organizations have the opportunity and the power to add value by meeting expectations of their end-users. MedUX is leveraging AI and proactive data analytics to provide information on the quality of the broadband services from the end-user perspective in real time. Through performance prediction models, MedUX helps companies handle customer expectations and enables locating and resolving incidents related to service quality.

The use of Business Intelligence and the creation of behavior models which combine data from different sources are the key to take informed and accurate decisions.

Today’s digital transformation, prompted by the expansion of connected data and devices, is an opportunity for companies to build competitive advantage and add value to their firm. Nonetheless, the most important thing in order to take advantage of these opportunities and survive in such a competitive market is to focus on the value of data analysis.

By leveraging IoT, Big Data and Predictive Analysis companies will be able to take new opportunities and head towards digital transformation.
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