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MedUX: “We want social responsibility to be part of the differential values of the company”

Nowadays, we are more and more conscious of the social, environmental, technological and research issues that surround us, and their impact on our environment. Therefore, the active contribution to the improvement of the society has become a fundamental aspect for today’s world and for the generation of added value in a company.

Social responsibility has become an essential factor for companies, which are increasingly adopting policies related to transparency, environment and equality, not only as an intrinsic value to corporate culture, but also as a differentiating factor against other companies in the sector.

Corporate Social Responsibility is a way for business management, a contribution to social improvement, as well as the impact that the company’s activity generates on customers, employees, shareholders, on the environment… and on society, in general terms”, explains Mamen Saguar, head of Human Resources at MedUX.

According to the latest report of the Club of Excellence in Sustainability, the Multisectoral Study on the state of Corporate Responsibility of the Big Company in Spain, 98% of the large companies in the Spanish market already have a social responsibility policy.

However, not only large companies are committed to this cause, small and medium enterprises are increasingly integrating these policies into their corporate values. This results in specific actions with employees and social and environmental issues.

“At MedUX we are aware that our responsibility to improve the environment goes beyond complying with the legislation. For this reason, we are also looking for other kind of environmental, social and good-governance measures, focusing, above all, on people”, says Mamen.

MedUX has been investing resources in internal small actions for several years, which also favours and has positive effects on the external environment. Among the areas in which MedUX corporate social responsibility focuses there are human rights measures, health protection, environmental concerns, work practices and the fight against fraud and corruption.

“In the office we use recycled paper and each member of the team receive, from the company, a reusable bottle in order to reduce the plastic consumption”, explains Mamen. “We also collaborate with Computers Without Borders NGO, both with hardware donations and donations in cash”, she adds.

On the other hand, Corporate Social Responsibility plans also represent a great internal advantage. Mamen tells us that there is always fruit in the office to introduce healthier habits in peoples lives. “Every week, we have a wide variety of fruits in the office, which are transported in non-polluting vehicles and in recycled wooden boxes”, she says.

Among other measures that favour the welfare and motivation of employees, MedUX proposes hourly flexibility in the workday and also, as a gift from the company, employees can take their birthday off.

“We know that this is only the beginning, a first step to implement more responsible actions that contribute to social improvement”, says Mamen, who is committed to objectives that provide greater social visibility and a better reputation, both externally and internally.

For the moment, in MedUX we will continue working on local actions, to gradually expand the social responsibility plan and implement measures that engage the company, to a greater degree, with society.

“We want social responsibility to be part of our differential values ​​to have a greater impact on our environment and on the people around us”, she concludes.

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