MWC is cancelled, but not MedUX 2020 plans!

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MWC has been cancelled, but not MedUX 2020 plans!

Mobile World Congress organiser, the GSMA, has decided to cancel this year event in Barcelona due to concerns around coronavirus outbreak. In MedUX, we regret that we won’t be able to meet you there to discuss about our new real-time metrics and solutions on Quality of Experience in 4G and 5G networks.

However, we don’t want you to miss what MedUX is preparing to improve Customer Experience in the 5G era!

Take a look to our live demostration of our cost-effective Light Drive Testing solution to benchmark, monitor and improve mobile networks.

MedUX light-drive test in Madrid

MedUX light-drive testing aims to improve Customer Experience and satisfaction while testing and understanding mobile services from the end-user perspective. It will help telco operators reduce churn, enable cost savings, support prime revenue streams and have a positive impact on brand perception and differentiation.

But that is not all, there are still many more things coming up this year. Stay tuned with MedUX upcoming features: 

  • 5G assessment and insights based on on-the-field measurements.
  • Live Demonstration of our Light Drive Testing capabilities and benefits.
  • Updated report on the State of broadbad in Europe (2H 2019) including Wi-Fi performance, QoE insights and list of best providers in Europe.
  • New testing and measurement portfolio for wireless and fixed networks.
  • New features for wireless and fixed measurements.

Are you interested in knowing more about MedUX 2020 plans? Our team will be glad to discuss the new features to improve Customer Experience in this innovative and hyper-connected era. Find out how we do help operators globally to deliver on new technology promises while testing and having visibility into services from the user perspective.

Do not hesitate to schedule a meeting time or conference with one of our experts!




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