In 2021, network performance is more important than ever!

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In 2021, Network Performance is more important than ever!

2020 has been an unusual but unforgettable year

MedUX says goodbye to one of the most unusual and difficult years in a while, but also an interesting one for the Telecommunication and Tech industries.

Unprecedented, uncertain, challenging times… Despite being these some of the most used phrases in 2020, we truly believe that our mission is more important than ever.

Over this year, MedUX has strengthened the bounds with its current clients, by helping them improve their Customer Experience and Client Satisfaction.

Let’s look into some of MedUX greatest hits, which have made 2020 a year to grow and strengthen our presence in the Telco sector:

  • We are always updating our services in order to keep up with new technologies. We started 2020 analyzing 5G speeds in Spain which has been published by some Spanish media, such as Expansión, Europa Press, Redes y Telecom and La Vanguardia, among others. This report is based on MedUX Mobile data obtained by Walking tests and light Drive Testing in the city of Madrid. 5G speeds are 8 times faster than 4G!
  • During COVID-19 lockdown home broadband became essential for working, learning and entertaining ourselves. At MedUX we analysed how the networks coped with all the additional traffic in Italy, Spain, Germany and the UK that have been echoed by international media, such as CORCOM, Europa Press, Expansión, Total Telecom, Computer Weekly or ISP Review, among others.
  • MedUX continues to expand internationally with new projects in Romania, Hungary and Czech Republic, relentlessly measuring and monitoring the main ISPs in those countries, increasing the data obtained by MedUX Devices in Europe and providing valuable insights to develop the organizations’ analysis capabilities.
  • We started a strategic alliance with KPI6, an Italian company that provides a 360° view on what’s going on in the market using the most powerful suite for social and web intelligence. Both companies joined forces and created a 360º Telco observatory on customer experience and customer sentiment to monitor the broadband world, combining data from different sources: in-home network performance and experience and consumer traits and opinions that has been selected by Fastweb (out of 200 proposals) as part of the #Open2TheFuture innovation call launched in collaboration with Cariplo Factory.
  • We also started a partnership with GVG, a company specialized in ICT and RegTech solutions for governments and regulatory bodies. This partnership will allow MedUX to boost their expansion strategy in Africa, taking advantage of GVG’s existing infrastructures for the collection, processing and visualization of information about the sector. MedUX Technology will be soon deployed in Africa!
  • Thanks to MedUX technology, which monitors the most used services such as OTT applications from the end user perspective, our company detected Youtube outage that happened in October, among other events.

Looking back, 2020 has been and intense and productive year, in which we adapted to the new normal and faced 2020 challenges together, we sincerely want to thank all our clients, investors, partners and, of course,  team for the continued support and partnership. We are ready to face new challenges and achieve new goals in 2021!


Let’s keep improving Customer Experience in the 5G Era!

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