The reference in network performance, QoE and QoS Benchmarking

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Insights based on advanced indicators that will help your business


Objective indicator based on network performance and true Quality of Experience parameters to measure your service against competitors and benchmark the telco market.


Consumer expectations are changing. MPS adds value to MedUX Opinion Score by leveraging Quality of Experience, customer sentiment, satisfaction and perception.

Global network performance and Quality of Experience insights for monitoring and benchmarking

MedUX is the leading monitoring and measurement solution.

MedUX is the leading solution for network monitoring and measurement in Europe

QoE measurement and analysis 100% in Real-Time

QoE benchmarking insights for service providers, governments and OTT players

24/7 Real-Time access to all data

24/7 Real-Time access to Quality of Experience and Quality of Service insights

Data as a Service for operators, analysts and regulators

Data as a Service: Competitive benchmark of network performance and QoE

Unique information to support your network performance and your customer satisfaction strategy

MedUX offers global network performance and Quality of Experience insights from the end-user perspective to measure your service against competitors and facilitate business decision making.

MedUX is the best broadband network measurement solution. We enable multi-operator benchmarking capabilities and shorten time-to-insight to ensure the best perceived quality, with the best cost-benefit ratio and no integrations needed.


End to end operational model

Deployment & Operation

We deploy our testing probes and manage its maintenance and operations, so you monitor the true network performance and Quality of Experience.


Our world-class experts deliver quality benchmarking insights to outstand from your competitors.


Access to network performance and Quality of Experience insights in real-time.


MedUX collects data from the end-user perspective, reliably stores it and processes it to have a real-world understanding of the network.

Strategic Advise

We provide valuable information to support your strategy and facilitate your business decision making.

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