ROSA TORRÚ: “My greatest success is to get the customers to see us as colleagues”

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ROSA TORRÚ: “My greatest success is to get the customers to see us as colleagues”

Rosa Torrú, MedUX hardware manager, is a teamwork lover as well as results-oriented, and creativity. Our industrial engineer, specialized in satellite systems, data acquisition and equipment design, is now mostly devoted to the improvement of MedUX TV.

Question (Q): What are your main functions at MedUX?

Answer(A): In the hardware production team, we all work in the devices’ development, both fixed and mobile. Now, we are also working on MedUX TV device. This is our main activity. Additionally, we have our colleagues in Mexico who support us and also manage the hardware production.

Q: Is there any part of the process outsourced?

A: We perform most of the process internally and with regular partners. First, we perform a high-level analysis to know what we want to do with the devices. Then, we study its viability and if we can do it with the resources available.

The next steps focus on finding resources that perform the functions and tests. Throughout this process we always have external specialist suppliers that help us, since we manage very complex designs.

Q: How is the day to day like at MedUX? How do you organize yourselves?

A: When we have a new device to design, we talk regularly with our product team and with our operations department to have updates, the requirements of the client and the needs of our partners. Altogether, we continuously integrate the improvements.

Q: Looking back, how were your previous experiences before MedUX? What achievements you got?

A: Before MedUX, I worked at Viletel, where we worked with telecom operators and with many companies of the radio sector. Every day was a challenge and that was the beautiful thing, we had to fight for everything, and with few resources, we had great results. We had to work a lot to succeed, and we did it!

Actually, the biggest challenge was to keep the company going and growing for 14 years, including the worst years of the crisis.

I also worked at BQ, where I worked with procedures and data analysis, how to improve thanks to the available data and obtain better results. One of the main objectives there was to achieve a high-quality level in everything we did.

Q: What seduced you to start working in MedUX?

A: When they called me from MedUX and they explained the project, I really liked the idea of ​​starting again in a medium sized company and going back to the freedom and independence when creating the products. At MedUX, there is a lot of creativity and most of our work is focused on research and development. When you work on something technical that you like, you enjoy it and you don’t really feel tired or bored, just the opposite.

“Good quality is always the best saver”

Q: What have you achieved at MedUX so far? What are your current challenges?

A: The speed of action is very important for me! To deliver the projects on time and being able to work fast, so that the product can be released on time, with everything going well, as expected. Our team always tries to deliver quick,good quality solutions.

Another challenge is to invest in quality and design. Good quality is always the best saver, especially in the tech sector.

Rosa’s team at work

Q: How can MedUX devices help to improve web browsing and the quality of the service, both for providers and end-users?

A: Our devices analyze a series of parameters, thanks to which our company and the telecom operators can analyze the data from the end-user point of view. That is, our devices are independent and browse thanks to simulated profiles and behaviors, as any end-user would do. By having the Quality of Experience view of their end-users, the providers can detect any issue and improve their satisfaction.

Q: Are the devices already produced so they can be reprogrammed?

A: For our MedUX HOME devices, the hardware is always the same. What we do in the software area, is to customize the tests performed by the devices, which make the service more versatile and adaptable to each client

The MedUX MOBILE devices are more complex, because not all the equipment we work with uses the same frequencies. Therefore, we adapt a bit more our procedures.

Q: Regarding the new MedUX TV device, did you live its inception?

A: It was already quite advanced when I joined MedUX team, it was launched almost a year ago, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. We are currently working on a new pilot and testing several parameters in different ways at the same time.

The important thing about the results, not only for the technical part, but also for the business, is that we are continuously developing new use cases, so that the analysis capacity we provide means an added value to all of our clients.

Q: Throughout your professional experience, including MedUX, have you experienced any curious anecdote that you can mention?

A: I remember an anecdote that really shocked me. Years ago, one of the managers in a big consultancy company told us that we were not a supplier but colleagues. It is something that marked me! I always have it in mind, in fact it is my biggest challenge: to do good quality work and to be seen as a colleague.


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