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Our 5G solution helps operators during the different phases of the network deployment with measurements that are essential for testing, acceptance, optimization and troubleshooting.

With MedUX, operators can have real time information about RF parameters and Quality of Service that are needed to identify root cause of potential issues. Additionally, benchmarking campaigns focused on Quality of Experience can be carried out for comparison and positioning purposes.

  • End-to-end planning and implementation of benchmarking campaigns
  • Custom reports, analysis and recommendations
  • Drive/walk test execution and monitoring
  • Advanced Analytics: from aggregated scoring down to service and network KPIs
  • Own and competitors' used network technology and coverage
  • Competitive knowledge of radio parameters setup
  • Easily visualize own and competitors’ technology deployment
  • Obtain correlation between technology configuration and QoE performance
  • Service quality optimization based on real-field data
  • Identification of key areas affecting network quality and performance
  • Specific deep dive analytics to get actionable insights
  • Optional decoding of complete L3 text messages