What is behind a good web User Experience?

author: Juan Luis Romero

We live in a world where there is an increasing trend to digitalization and to be hyper-connected. It is the day by day reality, and this implies a change in the relationship that companies have with their customers, who are more demanding than ever.

At this point, clients are the spotlight of business strategies, and understanding and improving the user experience has become one of the main goals of the digital economy.

Currently companies in any industry have to be prepared to adapt to a customer with higher expectations, whose behavior is more complex and unpredictable, and increasingly demands experiences that will make a difference.

“Many companies limit themselves to implement web pages based on outdated technologies that penalize load times or scalability and modernization. This translates into higher load times, old-fashioned styles and clients that are not comfortable using the platform, which leads to a lower number of sales”, explains Juan Luis Romero, web developer at MedUX.

At MedUX, we opt for cutting-edge technology to develop our product, but also to help telecommunication companies, regulators, and operators to ensure a better service for its customers by making the information about the home broadband quality of experience more accessible.

From the end user experience perspective, the added value of MedUX real-time information model (what we call Information as a Service or IaaS) is the data presentation form, that reinforces its usefulness and effectiveness, making it very easy to use.

The user experience is a very receptive area to innovation, and even more in the technology and telecommunications industry, which is advancing really fast. “If we don’t catch up, we are compelled to failure”, remarks Juan Luis, that last May attended VueDay 2019 lectures in Alicante, where he was able to acknowledge the innovations of the front-end development world.

“We have approached one of the most used frameworks in website development, like Vue JS which, in comparison with an “outdated design”, supports better multitudinous web browsing, avoids system overloads and processes slowdowns,” he says.

As Juan Luis points out, “these type of frameworks, as well as Nuxt JS, an extended version of Vue JS, that makes it easier for developers to work on small changes that fix bugs. At the same time, it allows improvements thanks to its new functionalities without affecting other parts of the site”. At MedUX, we believe that the best is to look for the computational fluidity and lightness provided by the most updated models, which load the navigation between pages almost instantaneously, and which, together with good aesthetics, will offer an excellent experience to our customers.

MedUX analyzes the broadband user experience in Europe and sets out this information in real-time via the MedUX Analytics Portal. The representation of the analytical capabilities of the MedUX ecosystem on a screen is a useful and simple way that allows our customers to improve the quality of their services.

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