CASE On IT closes investment round with SONAE IM

author: MedUX

CASE On IT closes an investment round with SONAE IM to boost MedUX international growth

In MedUX, we are glad to announce that our company has closed a Series B funding round with SONAE Investment Management (SONAE IM) in the second quarter of 2018.

After last year’s 3.5 million Euro funding round led by Inveready Technology Investment Group, which triggered our international expansion, the Portuguese company has joined our investor group to share with us this journey, as we continue to grow.

SONAE IM’s support will facilitate the development of MedUX as a solution for improving and benchmarking customer exxperience. It will also reinforce our position as one of the world’s leading companies in the area of User Experience measurement for telecom.

The IT venture company, which has a portfolio with more than 20 international technology-based companies, shares our ambitious vision and has the strategic presence we wanted for our next partner. We truly believe they can boost MedUX growth worldwide.

SONAE is a well-respected global player in our industry, with intimate knowledge of our customers”, stated our co-CEO Agustín Batiz.

This opportunity is an important step in the company’s history and an international boost for MedUX. Thanks to the MedUX team’s commitment and the support of our investors, we will continue with our plan to be a major player in the UX space.

For more information about this round, the company or the MedUX solutions, do not hesitate to contact us at

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