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MedUX joins TM Forum and Catalyst Project, Autonomous Customer Experience Index for WI-FI and 5G networks

Published on May 20, 2024

Join the in-home Quality of Experience (QoE) Revolution and deep dive into our innovation for the Autonomous Customer Experience Index for WI-FI and 5G networks. Have you ever wondered about the key areas to be tackled and potential direct benefits of improving your QoE at home and beyond, and most importantly WHY?

We're excited to announce that MedUX has become a member of the TM Forum and is actively involved in the Innovation Catalyst project, Autonomous Customer Experience Index for WI-FI and 5G networks. This project is spearheaded by leading companies like Telefónica and Elisa, and involves collaboration with partners such as NTT Data, Optare Solutions, and Elisa Polystar.

The TM Forum is a leading global association in the telecommunications sector that brings together key players to drive digital transformation, foster collaboration, and establish industry standards with a focus on customer-centricity and operational agility.

Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

The telecommunications industry is evolving rapidly, navigating through complex challenges such as the integration of open architectures, virtualization, automation, and the proliferation of 5G technology. These advancements aim to transform networks into dynamic, service-oriented platforms. In this landscape, maintaining superior Quality of Service (QoS) and QoE while enhancing network efficiency has become paramount.

At MedUX, we are excited to introduce the latest phase of our TMForum Catalyst Project: Phase IV of Autonomous CEI (Customer Experience Index) for Zero-Touch 5G-and-WiFi Networks. This initiative is not just a continuation but a significant expansion of our pioneering efforts to harness the power of autonomous solutions in addressing customer pain points proactively—before any service degradation occurs.

Network measurements are often very limited, fixed network fine tuning is a complex task and environmental factors like radio interference, physical obstacles, and configuration settings are not always well-understood. However, even minor improvements in WiFi experience can substantially enhance customer perception. There is a well-established direct correlation between improved customer experience and reduced churn rates. By enhancing WiFi service quality, we can significantly increase customer retention and satisfaction.  

The ability to improve the understanding of the customer context and provide autonomous solutions is vital for maintaining network and customer satisfaction and for identifying new business opportunities.

What the Team Achieved in Earlier Phases

In the previous iterations of this project, the team led by Telefonica and Elisa implemented various CEI analytic models for 5G networks, initially utilizing crowdsourcing data, and subsequently incorporating network data such as Performance Management (PM), Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), and probes. Advanced solutions introduced included CEI customization for different persona models and a predictive CEI based on Network Data Analytics Function (NWDAF).



Practical applications of these models have included operational use cases with Closed Loop systems, Anomaly Detection, and Root Cause Analysis with Service Intent to ensure Customer Experience SLAs, leveraging both current and predictive CEI analytics.

Expanding Horizons: Toward a Convergent CEI

This Phase IV of the Catalyst Project broadens its scope to include Wi-Fi networks alongside 5G. This phase also integrates cutting-edge concepts such as "decision intelligence," always with a laser focus on enhancing customer experience.

The evolution of network technologies presents unique opportunities. Communication Service Providers (CSPs) can now deliver added-value services to market sectors, enterprises, and consumers with unprecedented quality and efficiency. The key to transforming these challenges into opportunities lies in Autonomous Networking and a steadfast commitment to improving customer experiences.

This latest phase of the Catalyst project advances the concept of the Autonomous Network by integrating Wi-Fi network CEIs to create a convergent CEI. We are implementing new automation use cases aimed at boosting customer experience within both Telefonica and Elisa networks, evolving towards a Zero-Touch Customer-Centric Network.

MedUX’s Approach to Overcoming Current Industry Challenges

The proposed approach entails the following key areas:

1.    Implementing a Comprehensive Data Ecosystem: By developing a customer experience data collection ecosystem and a robust CEI analytic model, we aim to gain comprehensive visibility into in-home performance and customer experience issues.

2.    Empowering End-Users: We are equipping end-users with in-home performance measurement tools, enabling them to be part of the solution and directly contribute to the improvement of their own service experience.

3.    Proactive Solutions Deployment: Anticipating customer pain points allows us to implement autonomous solutions proactively before any service degradation occurs.      


Building a Comprehensive Customer Experience Index

A real-time, personalized CEI is crucial for fine-tuning CSP services, enabling zero-touch automation to address or mitigate issues impacting QoE. This proactive approach ensures the highest quality of customer experience and enhances network operational efficiency, which was demonstrated in the previous phases of this project.

Our project aims to construct a robust CEI that includes WiFi networks, enabling CSPs to automatically adjust fixed network, CPE, and in-home configurations to optimize customer experience. This capability allows CSPs to not only enhance service quality but also evaluate new services from an end-to-end perspective, ensuring that all network-related touchpoints meet the high standards customers expect.

This holistic approach to customer experience management can transform service delivery models across the industry, setting new benchmarks for quality and responsiveness. By integrating advanced analytics and autonomous solutions into everyday operations, CSPs can unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Indeed, we will be focusing on improving Customer Experience at home and we will be especially active working on the following use cases:

Implementing a CEI analytic model for Wi-Fi networks based on quality data from the router at home, and customer experience KPIs from real households based on active testing probes, mobile SDK data, and crowdsourcing data for Telefonica Spain.

Automating service management based on Wi-Fi CEI, Anomaly detection of main KPIs, RCA for identification of problems and close loop and actuation policies to improve Customer Experience at home with Telefonica Spain data.

We will focus on solving two main scenarios at home, in the first one customer experience is degraded due to interference, congestion, router capabilities or router configuration issues, and in the second one the customer experience is degraded due to coverage.

Our participation and key involvement in this project establishes a framework analytic ground reference for Operators endeavoring to fully understand QoE in fixed and mobile ecosystems. MedUX confirms a unique QoE value proposition end to end, encompassing a multi platform data collection approach and a CEI analytical framework to maximize your investment.

Direct Benefits and Wider Impacts of Autonomous CEI for Zero-Touch 5G-and-WiFi Networks

  Customer Experience is a pivotal driver for churn reduction, increased sales, and a customer base with higher Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). Specifically, network customer experience accounts on average for 35% of new users' key buying factors for the three main USA operators (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile). Our experience shows that churn doubles for customers with poor network experiences. By utilizing the customer experience index prediction as input, we can trigger automatic actions on the network in the event of potential experience deterioration, significantly reducing the OPEX required for corrective actions.

The direct benefits of this project are profound, starting with a significant reduction in customer complaints and calls to the call center, which are often triggered by subpar customer experiences at home. By proactively anticipating and addressing potential issues before they impact service quality, we can ensure a seamless customer experience. This proactive approach not only elevates customer satisfaction but also reduces operational costs associated with service disruptions and complaint management.

All in all, the proposed approach has the following key benefits:

•    Enhanced Visibility: Gaining insights into in-home performance helps  understand QoS/QoE and network performance status, assessing the impact of network enhancements and CPE upgrades from a real household and end-user perspective.       
•    Reduced Customer Complaints: Decreases the volume of customer complaints and calls to call centers related to Customer Experience at home.      
•    Faster Response Times: Reduces time-to-action in case of service degradations or issues thanks to automated insights through real-time and continuous monitoring of QoE data.       
•    Competitive Intelligence: Provides insights to bridge the gap between benchmarking and optimization for positioning and differentiation as leaders in in-home experience and performance.

Potential Impacts for the Wider Industry and Society

The implications of this project extend beyond individual CSPs to the wider industry and society. By setting a new standard for in-home customer experience and beyond, we encourage the entire industry to elevate their service offerings, fostering a competitive environment that benefits all consumers. Moreover, the project contributes to societal goals by ensuring that digital services are not only accessible but also consistently reliable and of high quality.

In the long term, the widespread adoption of autonomous CEI technologies could drive a significant shift in how digital services are managed and delivered, promoting sustainability through reduced resource usage and more efficient service provision. This shift is expected to contribute to the broader agenda of sustainable development by enhancing the quality of digital interactions and supporting the efficient use of digital infrastructure.

As we move forward, the potential of Autonomous CEI for Zero-Touch 5G-and-WiFi Networks to reshape the landscape of telecommunications is immense. This project not only serves the immediate needs of improving seamless network service quality at home and beyond but also paves the way for a future where digital services are more adaptive, responsive, and aligned with the evolving needs of society.

Driving Forward with Strategic Partnerships and Sustainable Solutions  

Through strategic collaborations and our continued commitment to innovation, MedUX stands at the forefront of transforming telecom networks. Our initiatives are designed not only to enhance business outcomes but also to contribute significantly to a more sustainable and inclusive digital society.  

Join us as we continue to make significant strides in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and reshaping the future of connectivity with our Autonomous CEI for Zero-Touch 5G-and-WiFi Networks.

MedUX takeaways

At MedUX, we are committed to delivering excellence through multi-platform and multi-access solutions that enable us to take the digital experience to new heights. From deploying robots for precise measurements to crowdsourcing and dedicated SDK/APP for a massive field measurement, we strive to ensure an optimal user experience on fixed and mobile connections. Additionally, we are dedicated to transforming the perception of 5G and WI-FI connectivity to enhance the daily lives of customers.

By joining forces with industry leaders such as Elisa, Telefónica, NTT DATA, Elisa Polystar, and Optare Solutions, we are ready to drive innovation and define the future of telecommunications.

This Catalyst project represents an exciting opportunity for MedUX and our clients and partners, as it allows us to lead the way toward exceptional customer experience in the era of digital connectivity.

We are committed to working together to realize this vision and improve the lives of millions of users worldwide.

Stay tuned for updates as MedUX actively contributes to the Autonomous Customer Experience Index project for WI-FI and 5G networks, collaborating with other participants to shape the future of telecommunications.

Here is a summary of the project:


For more information about MedUX and its involvement in the Autonomous Customer Experience Index project for WI-FI and 5G networks, Catalyst, please visit the official project page:      


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