The Natural evolution of telecom metrics

Quality of service (QoS) and User Experience (QoE) in fixed and mobile networks are essential variables for the telecommunication operators’ business.

Collecting data on Customer Satisfaction and analysing it, is no longer enough. Now you need to differentiate your telecommunications service.

Welcome to the MedUX philosophy: “Fly with Data”

MedUX monitors real quality of Internet service, to improve your clients' satisfaction


Customers are key to your business. With MedUX you get a global, real-time view of the quality of your service users' experience.

Get ahead of any issues that put your customers' retention at risk.


Most demanding customers will be satisfied thanks to our e2e QoE monitoring solutions enabling: measurement, analysis, statistical modelling and prediction, without any integration.

You can make good business decisions and reduce risks.


Feel as if you were next to your clients when they send a WhatsApp, watch Stranger Things or share files on Dropbox.

MedUX collects 100% objective data from a network of thousand devices.

No technical effort required by your company.


This is the natural evolution of Network Experience models.

MedUX goes beyond QoE measurement. We predict and build user behaviour models for telecommunications networks, thanks to a propietary predictive model.

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As the reference in network performance, QoE and QoS benchmarking for operators, we have removed the barriers to data collection and we process real-time measurements for 31 operators in Europe.

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Analyse and predict your clients’ QoE. Optimise your business KPIs. See what we can help you with.

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An Ecosystem without barriers

We have designed an Ecosystem that allows telcos to test their real User Experience of fixed and mobile networks, and TV. We develop innovative QoE predictive models that enables telcos to improve their business’ results.

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Research and development project "MedUX TV" IDI-20180720. Financed by "Programa Operativo de Crecimiento Inteligente - FEDER", Case ON IT has developed an R&D project for the generation of new probes that evaluate and analyze the user experience of the television viewer. The project means a milestone in the current state of evaluation of streaming television networks and services.

Research and development project "NEW AUTONOMOUS PROBES FOR THE LAYER 3 ASSESSMENT IN TELECOMS" IDI-20150931. Financed by "Programa Operativo de Crecimiento Inteligente - FEDER", Case ON IT has developed a project for the generation of new probes to evaluate telecommunication networks, which allow the generation of data in real time and determine the quality of the service and experience for any operator with layer 3. This is a milestone in the current state of evaluation of voice and data networks and services.

MedUX has received funding within "Horizonte Pyme 2016" program, from the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, for the project "AUTONOMOUS MEASUREMENT SYSTEM OF USER EXPERIENCE AND NETWORKS IN THE TELECOM SECTOR, BASED ON PREVENTION, DETECTION AND SOLUTION OF ABNORMALITIES IN REAL TIME".

MedUX, the leading technology company in quality measurement and customer experience in fixed, mobile and television telecommunications networks, obtained the ISO 9001: 2015 certification for the company's quality management system. This is step forward in our commitment to the client, ensuring our focus on continuous improvement, innovation and the best quality in customer satisfaction.

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