“Fly with data”: The natural evolution of Telecom metrics

author: MedUX

“Fly with data”: The natural evolution of Telecom metrics

How would you describe the flight of a butterfly? Maybe, smart or elegant, but above all, it happens simply and naturally. That’s how MedUX works and that’s what “Fly with data” means!

Under this concept in MedUX we have created a new website in line with the latest challenges and new objectives of the company, aiming at positioning MedUX as a global reference in QoE measurement and analysis.

We provide our clients with maximum agility in decision making, and the possibility of improving their Customer Experience in near real-time. In consequence, they see faster reaction times to service-affecting events, reduced time to resolution and higher efficiencies.

Thanks to our end-to-end operational model, all this happens without technology deployments or licenses. Neither hardware nor software. It is just the natural evolution of telecom metrics!MedUX goes beyond the UX metrics by providing cutting-edge Advanced Indicators that model and predict Customer Experience. Now, you will have the opportunity to get ahead of any difficulty, feel the experience of your customers and foresee their satisfaction.

Welcome to MedUX: Get in touch with us at info@medux.com and make your business FLY WITH DATA!



This would not have been possible without the dedication, commitment and work of Kutuko, creative agency specialized in motion graphics, with Carlos Cabrera and Guille García as creative directors.


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