MedUX, one of the most innovative projects in Spain

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Why is MedUX one of the most innovative and disruptive projects in Spain?

After a five-year journey, MedUX has positioned itself as one of the most innovative business models in the country, according to the Spanish magazine Emprendedores, which in June published a special issue about the 50 most revolutionary companies in Spain.

This list gets together entrepreneurial projects that are a reference in their respective industries and present an outstanding technological component. MedUX is included as a successful company specialized in measuring and improving the digital User Experience.

As our founders Luis Molina and Agustín Batiz explain, MedUX, due to the measurements and predictions on the quality of the telecommunication services, obtains real-time information about the User Experience in fixed and mobile networks, and in TV services.

We currently have more than 7.000 MedUX HOME devices deployed in 7 European countries to measure the connection of fixed broadband networks, allowing us to assess and compare the Quality of Experience of more than 30 European operators.

In addition, our measurements grant the prevention and resolution of future network outages, like the Facebook outages occurred in March and April which left millions of users without access worldwide.

This information on the telecom services and networks quality allows the improvement of technical and commercial strategies of Telecom operators and make informed and right decisions that  can lead to better outcomes.

In this sense, we are very grateful for this recognition as one of the leading projects in Spain and for the fact that Emprendedores magazine has seen MedUX as an innovative and disruptive project. This is the result of the hard work and dedication from the whole team, which provides a distinctive product with a real-time data model with no integrations.

This encourage us to keep growing alongside our current clients in Europe and Latin America, and to diversify our strategy towards strategic markets, such as the United States, which will lead to position MedUX as the leading company for fixed, mobile and TV Customer Experience Metrics.


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