Personalisation, the key to enhance Customer Experiences

author: MedUX

Personalisation, the key to enhance Customer Experiences

Conventionally, the better companies can understand and identify customers at a personal level, the easier it will be to provide the perfect Customer Experience. This is the traditional approach where the utmost personalisation plays its role!

Some trends in Customer Experience Management rely in understanding who customers are (one by one), what they use in their daily life (activity by activity) and how they do it (among other insights) to offer a high-quality service.
In the telecommunications industry, where churn is a crucial issue and multiple providers deliver similar solutions, companies need to differentiate their business and build engagement with their customers.

Nowadays, technology is essential to achieve this maximum personalisation. The technological investment allows to obtain available data, and helps companies act in the moment in order to enhance their customers’ experiences.

The big questions are… is it worth to reach this hyper-personalisation and what happens with privacy?

Here Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Predictive Analysis come to play! By leveraging Big Data, companies usually obtain and process large amounts of information in real time and have a deeper view of their end-users’ insights.

Telecom companies need to ensure they are making an effective use of their customers’ data and a correct interpretation, to provide a satisfactory and suitable solution to their needs and challenges. However, this might clash with the current users’ concern about the personal information that can be obtained from their activities on the Internet and the regulation on the data protection (GDPR) in today’s data-driven world.

Moreover, understanding only the served Customer Experience, and not the competitors’, provides a partial knowledge of end-user’s satisfaction and business performance. The trends on personalisation in telecommunications are shifting towards a global view of the market scenarios to completely understand current, past and potential customers.

By sampling end-user data of several service providers, MedUX delivers a compelling set of global indicators that are aggregated and can offer a view of the segment of people selected always respecting GDPR. This offers a unique opportunity to make decision based on current and competitors’ customers set of data, and to enhance the value of proprietary aggregated QoS and QoE information.

Customers are the key to your business, you can make good business decisions and reduce risks by learning from them!



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