Telecom Quality of Experience: UK vs. Europe

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Telecom Quality of Experience: UK vs. Europe

The United Kingdom has recently joined the group of countries that have started to deploy FTTH (Fiber To The Home), an access technology that allows fast speeds, lower latencies and better QoE in general. In the context of Europe IaaS project, MedUX has analyzed the performance of five leading fixed broadband operators in the UK in Q3 of 2018.

MedUX Report on Fixed Broadband Network Status in UK evaluates over 14.9 million results obtained from almost 500 MedUX HOME devices deployed in the UK.

MedUX collects thousands of KPIs related to the services most used by Broadband Consumers. This allows us to easily compare the UK to other countries where the technology is at a different stage of deployment.

One of the reported key findings is the comparison of Speed Compliance of ADSL and VDSL technologies in UK against FTTH in Spain and Portugal.  MedUX has detected that compliance with contracted speed is one of the main differentiators regarding network technologies:

Providers using FTTH not only can offer higher speeds, but the results show that they take advantage of the technology in order to deliver higher speeds than contracted. This is not possible with xDSL technologies! This affects directly to the perceived QoE, and FTTH customers feel that their operator is delivering on their promise.

Source: MedUX Analytics Portal. Report on Fixed Broadband Network Status in UK. | MedUX

Furthermore, the study presents a comparison of the distribution of latency by technology, resulting that average latency values vary among FTTH, VDSL and ADSL.

MedUX results reveal that delay for FTTH technologies is very low and the variance is very limited, which means that providers deliver more consistent latency. Delay for xDSL shows higher values and variance.

Source: MedUX Analytics Portal. Report on Fixed Broadband Network Status in UK. | MedUX

As the penetration of FTTH increases, broadband consumers in the UK can expect a sharp improvement in their QoE. The dataset collected by MedUX in the UK sets a reference in the level of QoE improvement for xDSL consumers.

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