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7 reasons why you should become an UXer

Published on April 12, 2019

If you are still wondering “What does being an UXer mean?” the answer is that UXers are people that install our MedUX HOME device in their houses. Thanks to this fixed devices that go plugged to the home router, MedUX measures the Quality of Experience of the user’s network through their home Internet connection, in order to improve the quality of Internet everywhere in Europe. 

Nowadays, we have more than 7,000 UXers helping us in Europe. If you want, you can also be part of the UXers community! If you live in Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal or Greece you can help us improve the quality of Internet. 

Here you have 7 reasons why you should become an UXer! 

1. You can check your Internet connection. 

With your MedUX HOME device you not only help to improve the quality of Internet all around Europe, due to the programmed tests that the device makes, now, with our MedUX HOME App, available for Android users in the Play Store, you can make active tests to check your Internet connection status, as well as configure your MedUX HOME device when you receive it or stay in contact with our Support Team in case you have any problem. Download the App here! 

2. You can help to improve the quality of Internet in Europe. 

Thanks to the UXers, we help to guarantee a better Internet access for the end-users with the MedUX HOME devices that the UXers volunteer to have at their homes. This allows us to monitors and analyze the quality of Internet data of 30 operators in Europe. You still can help us get more reliable information. 

3. It is a simple process. To join the project, we only need to know which is your home Internet provider, the type of Internet connection you have (that information can be found in your monthly invoice or in your provider’s App) and your router model (you can send us a picture of this documents). 

4. MedUX HOME installation will have no cost for you. 

We will send you the device right to your home. You will only have to connect it to your router and to the Wi-Fi network, and the device will start working! 

5. You won’t notice the impact of your MedUX HOME in the electricity bill. 

Due to its power adapter 5V4A, the maximum that it will consume would be 0.02 kWh, while a standard routers is estimated to consume 18 kWh, so you won’t really notice that you have another device connected to the network. 

6. We take UXers privacy very seriously. 

We totally guarantee your privacy. Our MedUX HOME device cannot access your personal information, it just works as another device connected to your network. The device simulates being an user, like a friend that goes to your home and uses your Wi-Fi network to browse the Internet by the phone. You never can see what they are doing, right? So do we! We are 100% GDPR compliant. 

7. You receive incentives for being an UXer. 

For having the device installed at your home and connected 24/7 you receive an incentive every month. It’s that simple! 

We are looking for UXers! If you live in Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal or Greece and you would like to take part in the program, feel free to visit our UXers site, choose your country and fill in the form. We will contact you as soon as possible! 

If you still have doubts about the program you can take a look at our FAQs 

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