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MedUX Home

Our robots to measure fixed internet broadband identify and resolve end-to-end network and service quality issues adding competitive intelligence insights from benchmarks. Our QoE based indicators nurtured by panelist feedback allow us to provide independent Quality of Experience certifications.

Home Robots Product

MedUX Home plug and play installation makes it's deployment straightforward regardless the premises. Just connect to the AC power and the Ethernet port to start. We provide an user-friendly public app that guides through the installation and Wi-Fi connection process while allows to check the measured performance. 

MedUX Home will perform tests according to the scheduled test protocol, although test suite is fully customizable. Our MedUX Portal enables a centralized suite for remote configuration.

MedUX Home collected data is available from the initial connection moment thanks to our cloud processing model. Real time results can be visualized or downloaded from our MedUX Analytics Portal.

The last of MedUX

Pura_Vida _Quién_tiene_la_mejor_calidad_y_experiencia_de_red

Pura Vida! Who has the best network quality and experience in Costa Rica? (I)

The Superintendency of Telecommunications (SUTEL) of Costa Rica has been annually publishing the results of the National Evaluation of telecommunications services. In the post-COVID era, the importance of Internet, service quality, and the stability of telecommunications networks for business…

August 10, 2023

Hello Chile! Measuring internet speed with Medux

The consortium formed by Microsystem and MedUX has won the tender to implement the Independent Technical Body (OTI) for measuring the internet speed received by users.The Representative Committee of Internet Service Providers (Chile Telcos) and the Undersecretariat of Telecommunications (SUBTEL)…

November 14, 2022

Let's keep improving the Quality of Experience together in 2023!

MedUX says goodbye to an excellent year full of great challenges that the company has been overcoming, and above all full of new opportunities to become the reference company for the measurement, monitoring and improvement of the user experience and the quality of telecommunications networks and…

December 27, 2022