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MedUX anticipates again the outage of social networks

Published on April 15, 2019

MedUX anticipates the second Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp massive outage in Europe and US

  • The Spanish tech company, which measures Internet user experience, has detected the second outage of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram within a month. 
  • Over 7,000 devices deployed across Europe allow to measure the Quality of Service in real-time and anticipate massive outages.
  • The Spanish company monitored the evolution of this interruption for telecom operators.
MedUX technology has anticipated Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram second outage, which has left millions of users without access to their accounts in Europe and in some areas of the United States on Sunday, 14th of April. The last similar outage happened one month ago, with a worldwide impact. These kinds of service interruptions, as well as other technical problems, can occur at any time and can seriously damage the end-users experience, so it is essential to detect them in advance. MedUX, the leading company in measuring telecom User Experience, detects a wide range of incidents that affect the service that customers receive, from Quality of Service problems and network incidents, to degradation of services such as social networks, messaging platforms, Internet browsing or video streaming. Over 7,000 MedUX HOME devices deployed in Europe allow to measure in real-time the quality of fixed broadband networks and telecommunications services. The objective is to analyze the Quality of broadband services from the end-user perspective. MedUX monitors the most used services such as applications - WhatsApp or Facebook (known as OTT applications, Over The Top)- from the end-user perspective. In addition, the analytical capabilities of the ecosystem allow to find and solve problems related to Quality of Service.  

Connectivity test to Facebook in Europe (ping tests)

Source: MedUX ANALYTICS PORTAL | For more information: medux.com
At the very beginning of Easter Holidays, MedUX has informed that Facebook (as it can be seen in the picture above), WhatsApp and Instagram began to fail from 10:00 AM, with an exponential fall in the number of completed pings to Facebook.com website, which has evidenced the second outage in its service within a month. Regarding Facebook's previous outage, detected on March 13th, MedUX observed an exponential decline in Facebook's download capabilities in several European countries. The identified bit loss points out that Facebook's real-time content was not available at that moment, so affected users could only access old content. These events show how unforeseen these failures can be, in both services and telecom networks, and how much they can affect the user's satisfaction. "Anticipating these kind of incidents is key to improve the bottom-line of telecom operatos. Information is an enabler to prevent and solve future interruptions, review technical and commercial strategies of these companies and make informed and right decisions. We have observed that proactive management of User Experience is becoming a key driver in the differentiation and strategic positioning of operators”, explains Rafael González Galarreta, CMO at MedUX. Don’t forget to follow us on social networks and subscribe to MedUX newsletter!  

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