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Empowering Quality of Experience Everywhere in the Digital Era at MWC24

Published on February 8, 2024

Join the Quality of Experience (QoE) Revolution with MedUX – Scalable, Customer-centric and Cost-Effective testing and monitoring Solutions Trusted by Top Brands worldwide. Experience our unbeatable benefits at Mobile World Congress.

As we approach the world's largest and most influential event for the connectivity industry, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, MedUX is back stronger than ever to unveil our latest innovations in Quality of Experience testing and monitoring, leading the way in the digital era.

MedUX has become the first convergent vendor to integrate robots (active probing) and multi-platform agents with our own full stack of technology (HW, SW, Infrastructure, Analytics), featuring affordable and customer-centric use cases for fixed and mobile networks. Our multi-platform QoE Suite, intelligently blending crowdsourcing, embedded agents, probes, and drive tests, can deliver unbeatable benefits to the industry.

Join us at MWC 2024 in Barcelona, February 26-29, at Hall 4, Stand 4C30 W32 in Spain Pavilion, and discover how MedUX solutions are Empowering Quality of Experience Everywhere in the Digital Era.

Following the resounding success of our first 5G Quality of Experience (QoE) Benchmark in Europe, we are also proud to announce the launch of our second benchmarking study. Stay tuned in the coming days to redefine the way we perceive 5G connectivity! 

Continue reading to explore where to find us, our key focus areas and see how we're shaping the future of Internet QoE Testing and Monitoring.


Join the QoE Revolution and Explore the European 5G Landscape 

Our first 5G QoE Benchmark at MWC23 has been one of the most recognized studies, attracting a great deal of attention from the press, analysts, telecommunication operators, government regulators, and industry policymakers. Industry experts alike applauded the unique insights and customer-centric approach that MedUX brought to the forefront.

Building on this success, we conducted our second benchmarking study to delve even deeper into the state of 5G networks across major European cities. Our latest study spans ten major European cities, including London (United Kingdom), Berlin and Munich (Germany), Paris (France), Lisbon and Porto (Portugal), Rome and Milan (Italy), and Madrid and Barcelona (Spain).

MedUX remains committed to offering unique pan-European insights to industry stakeholders that will redefine the way we perceive 5G connectivity. Multi-stakeholder discussions about universal and meaningful connectivity could be incomplete without ensuring that end-users have resilient, reliable, and fast services, delivering enriching, satisfying, and productive digital experiences.

Figure 2. Join us in the presentation of our 5G QoE Benchmark report 

Unveiling True QoE Insights with Our Testing and Monitoring Solutions

Speed matters, but a consistent experience across services and applications is king. Discover our unique, customer-centric perspective, enabling operators and regulators to better understand the factors that impact QoE, including basic network performance metrics such as latency, download and upload speeds, network coverage, and signal quality, as well as advanced end-user perception insights such as web browsing, social networks, gaming, cloud storage, or streaming experiences.

No matter where you want to test from, MedUX helps you understand the actual internet experience related to popular internet applications and services.

We collect a wide range of indicators and statistics under precise and controlled conditions to gain visibility and insights into network performance from the customer's perspective. We also enable virtualized collection methods such as embedded agents, SDKs, and crowdsourcing.

Join top CSPs and governments worldwide using our technology to gain visibility of end-to-end network performance and customer experience.

Discover our full range of affordable and customer-centric solutions to enhance network performance and experience.

Our QoE Suite, incorporating proprietary technology in hardware, software, infrastructure, and analytics, ensures affordability and customer-centricity, making us the first vendor to seamlessly integrate robots and agents aimed at fixed and mobile networks. We will be showcasing a variety of innovations covering four key areas of our QoE Testing and Monitoring Suite.

  1. MedUX MOBILE: 5G DSS/NSA/SA data collection Robots enabling field measurement tools both outdoors and in busy, crowded indoor spaces, now with Samsung Galaxy S23 including 5G NR support [NEW]. MedUX MOBILE focuses on cost-effective mobile solutions driving the evolution of 5G with grand-scale testing and monitoring.
  2. MedUX HOME: Fixed networks data collection Robots enabling Wi-Fi6 and multi-gigabit [NEW] in-home performance measurements both in residential customers and in enterprises. MedUX HOME features solutions for a seamless experience when transitioning in-home.
  3. Multi-platform Agent APPs: Software Agents enabling data collection everywhere for end-user empowerment, field engineers’ tools and working from home use cases. Multi-Platform Agent APPs cover performance and quality assurance from any device and operating system (Android, iOS, Harmony, Linux, Windows and Mac), including smartphone, tablet and PC/desktop and web sites,
  4. SDK and Crowdsourcing: Deployable SDK into your company's mobile app or any application for Android, iOS and Harmony to collect your customers' and your competitors’ experience data, for benchmarking and network planning and optimization. SDKs and Crowdsourcing allow industry stakeholders to take advantage of customized QoE data collection solutions from any application, either proprietary self-management or customer care applications or any other third-party applications

As part of our demonstrations and presentations, we will also showcase innovative use cases, such as multi-platform testing, grand-scale and massive-field monitoring, regulatory compliance, catering to both telecommunications operators and regulatory entities. 

Come and learn how MedUX is helping service providers and government entities define the technology, use cases, and measures necessary to stay at the forefront of customer satisfaction and network performance. MedUX is dedicated to empowering customer experiences in the digital era with its cost-effective, comprehensive, and user-friendly QoE monitoring and testing solutions. 

Our experts will be delighted to discuss any technical or business challenges with you to improve service quality and performance. We will be located in Hall 4, Stand 4C30 – W42, part of the Spain Pavilion.   

Figure 4. Floorplan and location of MedUX in Hall 4 Stand 4C30 (part of Spain Pavilion)

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in our MWC24 program activities and discuss about your testing and monitoring challenges!

Save the dates from our MWC24 program below and join MedUX to discuss how our multi-platform QoE suite can help with your testing and monitoring challenges. We look forward to welcoming you to any of the activities planned for you during MWC24. Visit us at our stand located in the Spain Pavilion, Hall 4 – 4C30. 

Whether you're interested in competitive benchmarking, network intelligence, regulatory compliance, or optimizing your network for enhanced customer experiences, MedUX has you covered. Don't miss the opportunity to witness firsthand how our solutions can elevate your digital landscape. Book a meeting with us, and let's embark on a journey toward unparalleled QoE together!   

Figure 3. MedUX MWC24 Program

You will be able to experience live demos of some of our latest innovative solutions and products and participate in events and presentations with our experts. 

We are also organizing the MedUX Experience Night in Barcelona during MWC24, a special celebration for our 10th Anniversary. Come and be part of our exclusive Networking Cocktail Dinner, where you can connect with influential Operators, Regulators, Analysts and key Stakeholders from the industry. Please contact us at hello@medux.com to reserve a seat if possible (by invitation only) and share the MedUX experience.

Please, and do not hesitate to send us an email at hello@medux.com if you want to request a meeting or an onsite demo with the MedUX team: Luis Molina Borao (Founder and CEO), Jorge Aguilar (VP Global Sales), Rafael González (CMO), Randy Libreros (LatAm Director), Álvaro Vigil (EMEA Director) or any other member of our Marketing and Sales team.

We look forward to welcoming you! See you there!




 About MedUX:

MedUX is the leading Quality of Experience (QoE) company, providing comprehensive and innovative solutions for measuring the performance of fixed, mobile, and TV telecommunications networks for telecom operators, governments, and digital enterprises. With a focus on delivering grand scale, end-to-end network, and service visibility, MedUX leverages real-time customer perspective data and advanced analytics to ensure quality and regulatory compliance, while also offering valuable insights for optimizing networks and improving customer experiences. With a presence in over 25 countries across Europe, America, Africa, and the Middle East, and monitoring over 60 operators worldwide, MedUX’s patented technology and expertise make it a trusted partner for improving the digital experiences of customers everywhere.      


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