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MedUX joins the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Published on August 4, 2022

MedUX has participated in the Forum of Strengthening digital transformation in Latin America organized by ITU and has become an Associate Member of Study Group 12, which focuses on Performance, quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) matters.

Joining ITU-T as an Associate Member

MedUX has been applying ITU recommendations in many aspects of its work, and now our experts will also actively cooperate with ITU in designing, defining, and advancing relevant guidelines related among others to network performance and service quality monitoring. 

This membership comes in recognition of MedUX‘s distinguished track record in providing QoS and QoE solutions to governments and telecommunication operators worldwide. 

MedUX by joining the Telecommunication Standardization Sector of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) has become an Associate Member of Study Group 12, who are responsible for the development of international standards (ITU-T Recommendations) targeting operational aspects of performance, QoS, and QoE; the end-to-end quality aspects of interoperability; and the development of both subjective, and objective quality-assessment methodologies for multimedia services. 

The ITU sets global ICT standards and makes policy on a range of critical telecom issues. The study groups write recommendations that national authorities apply later within their areas of jurisdiction. 

We are very grateful and look forward to collaborating with ITU, very specially with Study Group 12 team of experts led by Tania Villa, Director of Regulatory Policy Unit at Federal Telecommunication Institute (IFT) in Mexico, and Martin Adolph, principal ITU's Advisor in Study Group 12. 

Figure 1 ITU-T: Turning communications services and technologies into compelling user experiences

 Participating in the Forum on Strengthening digital transformation in Latin America. 

The ITU Forum on Strengthening digital transformation in Latin America, held in Antigua, Guatemala, between 7-8 July 2022, was organized by the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB) in collaboration with COMTELCA (Comisión Técnica Regional de Telecomunicaciones), a specialized agency of the Central American Integration System (SICA). 

The forum aimed to empower participants with a methodology, frameworks, toolkits, and contextually relevant case studies to accelerate digital transformation. In addition, participants will also be able to learn about best practices, projects, and initiatives in the Latin American region. 

Our expert Jaime González, Product and Marketing Manager, was invited to participate as a speaker in a session about Improving the customer experience through the quality of service for digital technologies in Latin America. This session covered the importance of quality of service (QoS) for digital services, networks, and devices – from mobile networks to virtual reality, fintech, and smart mobility. 

Figure 2 Snapshot of a key slide from our presentation in the Forum (in Spanish only)

 The forum concluded that enhancing the quality of services (QoS) for digital technology services, networks, and devices was one of the key pillars to strengthening digital transformation. MedUX highly appreciates the opportunity to have participated in this forum and contribute to the development of the global telecommunications sector.

Independent measurements to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Are users happy with the quality of their internet? This is the conundrum we have been trying to solve at MedUX since before the pandemic, but even more so now where digital life has become more complex, and customers have become more demanding. Today, the Internet connects almost every basic aspect of our modern society and that is why it is so important to understand the TRUE user experience. 

More and more countries are changing their regulation for telecommunication companies to improve connection standards and look after the interests of citizens. 

So, what is the right solution? For almost a decade MedUX has been providing national authorities and telecommunication operators with independent measurements to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, as well as to understand the Quality of Experience that users receive.

How MedUX helps telecom regulators and operators support policy formulation, effective regulation, and enforcement

MedUX supports the telecommunication sector in everything related to regulations on the quality of service because they are the most effective tool available to encourage a significant industry change in the experience delivered to the end user. When the level of competition in the market is not enough to cause this change, regulators may act:

  • enforcing minimum levels of certain QoS/QoE parameters to protect consumers and drive continuous network improvement
  • giving visibility to objective parameters on networks and services performance to empower consumers
  • demanding operators’ accountability in accordance with acceptable and expected quality standards
  • shaping or sustaining a punitive scheme based on independent and objective verification and evidence

Our solution gives visibility into the digital experience of most frequent internet services anywhere, e.g. households, any street or rural area, vehicles, public buildings, or private locations. We massively test digital services without the need for any integration with operators and obtain insights that help in immediate decision-making, for both technical and business purposes. 

In addition, our measurement portfolio covers a variety of approaches and is compatible with all typical regulatory requirements:

  • MedUX covers more than 200 indicators and metrics related to QoS (e.g. throughput, latency, packet loss, traceroute, or DNS resolution), and also to QoE ( web browsing, gaming, and streaming experience, cloud storage, social networks, etc.).
  • The analysis can be performed against a single server or multiple servers, as well as following single-threaded and multi-threaded approaches. It can also be configured to run against measurement servers on an operator's network, national servers outside the operator's network, or international servers, depending on the test objectives.
  • Our Cloud Speed Test is a multi-threaded, multi-server speed test that can leverage public servers (and CDNs) that are independent of telecom operators.
  • MedUX tests and analysis can use multiple network transport protocols to measure performance, including TCP, ICMP, UDP, or FTP.
  • For full flexibility and versatility when running any performance test, our measurement and testing agents can be integrated into different devices and support any client type (e.g. proprietary MedUX robots MedUX, SDK/APPs, desktop computers, or web-based).
  • MedUX Analytics portal provides easy access to all measurement data in real-time and all test agents can be controlled remotely through the MedUX ecosystem.
  • Crowdsourcing data in compliance with ITU recommendation E.812 (05/20) is also available.

With this, MedUX helps to discover the causes of slow Internet connection or service degradation as multiple factors can affect the quality of the Internet experience, such as network congestion, equipment or node failures, OTT server unavailability, cloud service outages, routing or access provisioning failures, among others. That's why monitoring broadband networks from the TRUE end-user perspective is more important than ever.

MedUX helps telecom operators and regulators understand the challenge of delivering promised speed and a wide range of incidents affecting QoS and QoE. Concerning ISPs, we help them analyze and improve the quality of their networks with performance information from the perspective of end users (and competing end users), to deliver best-in-class service and comply with regulatory measures. 

We are happy to share with you a short excerpt of the interview of our Product President Jaime Gonzales with ITU, in which he explains a little about Medux. 


if you want to know more about the presentation of our product president download here the complete document of this event corresponding to the "Forum on Strengthening digital transformation in Latin America" that took place in Spanish.




  [1] First definitions by the ITU in “E.800 : Quality of service and dependability vocabulary” ITU-T Approved in 1988-11-25. [2] Sergio Pezzulli, Maria G. Martini, Senior Member, IEEE, Nabajeet Barman, Member, IEEE, “Estimation of Quality Scores From Subjective Tests-Beyond Subjects’ MOS”, July 2020,

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