MedUX reveals that Spain telecom providers offer outstanding User Experience in FTTH services

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MedUX reveals that Spain telecom providers offer outstanding User Experience in FTTH services

Spain is the leading country in fiber deployments in Europe, with a 33.9% of FTTH (Fiber To The Home) penetration rate, after joining around 1.61 million new subscribers between 2016 and 2017, according to a report commissioned by the FTTH European Council, formed by more than 150 companies.

But, how is the User Experience in FTTH offered by telecom providers in Spain? MedUX, which is currently retrieving fixed broadband User Experience metrics, has detected a notable experience in FTTH services.

Our May report on the Fixed Broadband Network Status in Spain, which covers three leading operators in the country, reveals that the performance and experience provided by Spanish FTTH providers is remarkable and it has a consistent behavior.

This strong network performance is defined by a high connection speed, above all for upload and download speeds; a progressive network responsiveness evolution and a potent OTT (Over The Top) service performance (based on Web, Dropbox and YouTube metrics tests).

Aggregated Quality of Experience Indicators for operators during May
Source: MedUX Analytics Portal

More than 1.5 million samples, obtained from 147 MedUX HOME Devices deployed in customer’s homes in Spain, have brought into the open the evolution of the three different providers’ services for each category. Our company provides a weighted synthetic indicator (MedUX MOS) that allows to know the overall rating for Customer Experience, in order to offer consultancy for both technical and business decisions.

MedUX has deployed its measuring technology for broadband fixed services in 7 European countries targeting an 82% confidence level. We firmly believe data is the main asset for telecom companies since it allows benchmarking, network auditing and obtaining actionable insights on customers and competitors.

MedUX has proven to be capable of measuring, monitoring and predicting the State of Internet and the Quality of Service offered by telecom operators. This way, our clients can know how the service performs, and build a business strategy to anticipate and avoid possible incidences and cover the needs of the market.

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