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MWC23 confirmed the QoE Revolution is a real movement!

Published on March 17, 2023

MedUX is grateful to all attendees that participated in the presentations of our grand scale Quality of Experience (QoE) Monitoring solutions and the first 5G Experience Benchmarking report in Europe.

In a fast-changing innovation landscape, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the place to keep pace and turn radical disruption into radical growth. 

This year was no exception, and MedUX had the strongest presence ever at MWC. We had the opportunity to discuss the latest advancements in QoS and QoE testing and monitoring solutions with our Scalable, Customer-centric and Cost-Effective approach trusted by Top Brands worldwide.

We realized in our meetings with clients and industry experts that interest in real services and application testing from customer perspective was one of the main topics of discussion. Operators anticipate what is coming considering the efforts and investment required to deliver an outstanding 5G experience.

Speed matters, but a consistent experience across services and applications is king

The launch of the first 5G QoE Benchmark report was very well received by industry experts and clients. The study measured 5G performance in major European cities, to find out the true QoE. 

Telecom operators around the world have been in a race to offer the fastest, most reliable, and most extensive 5G coverage. However, not all 5G networks are created equal, and customers may not be receiving the quality of experience they expect.



According to the report, Lisbon, Madrid and Berlin have emerged as the cities with the best 5G. Lisbon was named the winner of the Best QoE Award. Meanwhile, Berlin was found to have the most consistent network performance, closely followed by Barcelona and Paris in the Reliability Award, the second most important category in the study. 

We were very happy to have the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (ANACOM), the Portuguese regulator receiving the Best QoE Award for Lisbon. MedUX is very grateful to Mario Campolargo, Secretary of State for Digitalization and Administrative Modernization in Portugal, João Cadete de Matos, Anacom's Chairman of the Board, and Patrícia Silva Gonçalves, Anacom's Board Member for participating in the presentation of the study. Mario Campolargo said during the Award Ceremony regarding the QoE of Portuguese citizens and entrepreneurs with 5G, "This is important because it allows Portugal to be a Digital Nation". 

Watch the session recording to learn about the 5G progress and experience in Europe so far and a results overview of TRUE QoE KPIs.

Not all 5G networks are created equal, the actual QoE provided by 5G networks varies significantly depending on a range of factors. Network operators should take note of the study’s findings and strive to improve the QoE of their 5G networks to remain competitive in the Digital Era and an increasingly connected world.

In terms of speed, the fastest 5G download speed was also observed in Berlin, with live speeds of 1.5 Gbps on Deutsche Telekom's network. This speed was approx. 5 times the typical download speed in Lisbon in the range of 330 Mbps, the highest median among European cities. Other interesting report findings, very relevant to the attendees of MWC, were that Barcelona had the best Streaming experience in Europe and that Vodafone was providing the best Reliability in the city 



 MedUX’s 5G QoE benchmark offers a unique, customer-centric perspective on 5G network performance, enabling operators and regulators to better understand the factors that impact QoE, including basic network performance stuff such as latency, download and upload speeds, network coverage, and signal quality, but also advanced end-user perception insights such as web browsing, social networks, gaming or streaming experiences. Stay tuned because MedUX is planning to perform this benchmarking campaign on a recurring basis every semester, in more European cities and beyond. 

These insights were also really relevant for the round table we participated in with other great companies in the Spain Pavilion, where we covered the topic “5G in the cities”. Randy Libreros explained that 5G is an important player in the metaverse and how operator performance in this area is key for the best quality of experience for users. 

Watch the session recording to learn about the topic and the importance of Quality of Experience.

Unique Multi-Platform QoE Suite for QoE everywhere

During the MWC MedUX team also engaged with great variety of stakeholders, including governments, service providers, technology vendors, and industry analysts, and performed live demos with experts from all over the world. We showcased our new QoE Suite, including our multi-platform agent ecosystem for all terminal equipment types and our robots, getting real-time customer perspective data and advanced analytics to ensure quality and regulatory compliance, while also offering valuable insights for optimizing networks and improving customer experiences. 



Regulatory Forum: “Shaping the new regulatory context for QoS and QoE in the 5G Era and beyond”

To finalize an amazing MWC week we had a gathering with Regulators and Public Policy professionals from around the world in our Regulatory Forum at Macaya Palace to discuss their views and experiences about how to enhance the regulatory processes and help ensure optimal Quality of Experience for consumers. We had Daniel Ollé, Deputy Director from CNMC, Maryleana Méndez, Secretary General from ASIET, Paola Bonilla, Executive Director from CRC, and Federico Chacón, Chairman of the Board of SUTEL as Guest Speakers for the panel in “Shaping the new regulatory context for QoS and QoE in the 5G Era and beyond” who were able to communicate their perspectives, insights, and new regulatory frameworks for quality of service, quality of experience, connectivity, and 5G. 


For the event, we also had the remote participation of Manuel Aguilar, General Superintendent of SIGET, who gave us an overview of the connectivity situation in schools, hospitals, and different businesses in El Salvador and how they can measure and regulate the performance of the main telecom operators nationwide. 



All in all, we are very happy to agree with our colleague Michael Philpott, Research Director at OMDIA says, “In one way or another, QoE was a common theme that ran through many of the presentations, demonstrations, and conversations at MWC 2023.” He also states that “For example, monitoring where geographically important 5G users are not receiving the required QoE can help create targeted network rollout plans, whilst at the same time deprioritizing network upgrades in areas that have theoretically reached maximum capacity and yet are still providing customers with satisfactory QoE.” You may want to have a look at his post in this regard: QoE was a recurring theme at MWC 2023. 

We are proud to have built a leading one-stop shop for QoS and QoE testing and monitoring solutions. MedUX has become the first vendor in integrating robots (active probing) and agents with their own full stack of technology (HW, SW, Infrastructure, Analytics) to feature affordable and customer-centric use cases. Although there are interesting discussions about whether crowdsourcing, embedded software agents, probes, and drive tests are best suited to satisfy performance testing needs, we believe that by intelligently blending all those solutions we can deliver unbeatable benefits to the industry. 

To learn more about our 5G QoE benchmark, our 5G use cases on competitive intelligence, pre-rollout analytics, and basic troubleshooting, and how it can benefit your business, please visit our website or contact us directly at hello@medux.com.



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